mmm….fresh bread…

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who knew you were so tasty? this type is a mix of rye flour, whole wheat flour, and white flour, and  cocoa powder, yes it is the cocoa powder that makes it dark and decadent. I mixed all th stuff in the yard sale bread machine. and let rise. then took it out put in a bowl and let rise again, and then put in loaf pan.

Oh my goodness I am am an oat bread eating, former wonderbread lover. But this bread, the one you usually find in the grocery store and it is really hard and used for pastrami sandwiches. Oh my goodness this is one of my new favorite breads. I put some marjarine on it and ate a slice, and then went and cut another slice, and now I must stop.

I decided a few weeks ago to make my own bread for a while. It is pretty easy with the bread machine. Though it looks and turns out yucky if you bake it in the machine. and you gotta pull the plastic mixing blade out of the bottom of the bread and it has a hole. and there really is no pretty side to that.

N E way  I use the machine for what it does best: kneading.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to make it the old fashioned way sometimes. But since I am using it as a replacement for “store bought” which means a small loaf every three or four days, the machine comes in handy.

Three days ago didn’t have the time so I made whole wheat tortillas which were surprisingly easy. Using non transfat margarine.  But then I put cheese on it which I am sure has some great heart clogging fat.  Oh well it was good.

Tomorrow a pumpernickel sandwich sounds good. (still don’t know what to put in it though).

Still no new knitting photos, or pumpernickel either for that matter. I really do knit, and I knit really well too. and I signed up for the blog and everything,  and trudged through the technology jungle to get here. And I am talking pumpernickel. But it really was good. Who knew?

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